Selecting the Perfect Bedroom Furniture Can Be Difficult, But it Doesn’t Have to Be. Read These Helpful Pointers

How to purchase a nightstand
A separate nightstand is not always necessary, since some bed frames include a nightstand or shelf space within the headboard, but most of the time nightstands are separate furniture pieces. Sleepers need a convenient place to put items used in bed, such as reading glasses or a glass of water. An alarm clock, a lamp, or a personal decorative item can also fit conveniently next to the bed. Some nightstands include drawers and double as miniature dressers.

When choosing a separate nightstand, the important consideration is height, since someone in bed must be able to reach the stand surface comfortably. Find out how tall the bed will be, and then choose a nightstand that is just a few inches taller. 

Purchasing a dresser
Dressers and chests of drawers serve the same function and overlap somewhat in design. Usually, dressers are fairly wide with a double row of drawers and stand about waist high. Chests of drawers are taller and have only a single row of drawers. Armoires serve a similar function but are much larger, often combining a row of drawers with vertical space for hanging clothing. Depending on the size of the room and the number of people who use it, a bedroom could have any combination of dressers, chests, and armoires, or only one such piece.

The key to buying any of these pieces is again space and size. Mark out the size of the bed in the room and work out where the dressers and chests of various sizes might fit without making the room feel cramped. Remember to consider how far drawers will extend when open. Use this planning exercise both to visualize how different kinds of pieces will look given different possible layouts and also to calculate maximum sizes. If it is not possible to get enough storage space within the size limitations, then compensate by getting a bed that features drawers within the bed frame.

Where to find bedroom furniture
There is a wide selection and an abundance of furniture to choose from. Try places such as Pottery Barn, TJ Maxx, and Restoration Hardware. The options really are endless. Don’t be afraid to find some unique pieces on Craigslist that you can re-paint, or re-upholster. 

Final words
Buying bedroom furniture can be a little stressful because the bedroom is such an important room. Bedrooms should be restful and personal, and the furniture in them must be practical as well. Bedroom sets include all the furniture needed for decorating a bedroom and offer the advantage that all the pieces match.

Modern bedroom sets include furniture that conforms to sleek and minimalist modern design. Since many items come in a set, picking an entire set at once can be a little daunting. A good approach is to consider each piece individually, deciding what kind of bed, what size dresser, and so on, are needed, and then look for a bedroom set that includes the required pieces. However the pieces are chosen, good bedroom furniture should seem comfortable, practical, and beautiful to the occupant. While you do want to impress guests, it is after all, YOUR opinion that really matters.

2 Replies to “Selecting the Perfect Bedroom Furniture Can Be Difficult, But it Doesn’t Have to Be. Read These Helpful Pointers”

  1. In my opinion, what makes or breaks the bedroom are three things:

    1. the bedding
    2. the nightstands
    3. the lamps beside the bed

    If you have these three things looking spectacular, you’re good to go. These are the three pieces that I would not skimp on when it comes to the bedroom.

  2. I disagree with your #1, I don’t think bedding HAS to be expensive, you can find great cheap alternatives that still look nice. I know I didn’t spend a lot on my bedding; though I do have a King, so I had to spend more than people with smaller mattresses do. However, #2 and #3 I agree with. ALSO, you have to have a fabulous headboard, because its the focal point of the room. And your nightstands and lamps are part of that focal point.

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