How You Can Still Host and Entertain Your Guests When You Don’t Have a Guest Bedroom

So, you’re having guests over but you don’t have a guest bedroom. What’s a host to do? Well, there are a couple of options that you have. Just because your home lacks a guest bedroom doesn’t mean that your friends or family have to stay at a hotel room. Here are a couple of alternatives to host your guests.

Have a futon or a daybed instead of a couch. This one should be obvious. Finding a futon shouldn’t be difficult. There are so many options, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can go on Craigslist and find a nice one that you can re-cover, or one that is brand new.

Invest in a good air mattress. When a second bed (even in the form of a futon) just isn’t an option, a good quality air mattress can go a long way. Air mattresses are available almost anywhere. If you want to save money, you might want to hop on the internet and order there, rather than a local retail store. 

Try to have a clear place for your guests to stow their luggage. When the house is crowded with overnight guests, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the extra noise and mess; get a leg up on the disorder by having a good place for your guests to put their things. This will keep suitcases off the kitchen table and give your guests a sense of privacy; it’s easier for them to settle in if there is a spot.

Do what you can to provide maximum privacy for everyone. You may feel close enough to someone not to worry about privacy too much, but don’t assume they feel the same way. There are things that should always be attended to, especially if you are sharing a bathroom. Simple things like being sure the bathroom door closes and locks, ensuring that there are spare rolls of toilet paper and extra supplies handy in the bathroom (so they can help themselves and not have to ask which can be awkward for them), and planning ahead to prevent time-management issues can go a long way toward making the visit run smoothly. 

Be attentive to their schedule, especially if they are sleeping in the living room. Remember that the common area is their bedroom; be sure they aren’t struggling to stay awake while waiting for everyone to clear out so they can go to sleep. Be considerate of their privacy, schedule, and space, even if that means having to turn in early because they are ready for bed. Or if it’s a long visit, and they like to go to bed early, let your bedroom be the “guest room” for the visit, and make your bed in the living room…and stay up as late as you like!

Put some bedroom-like touches in your living room. Making a living area into a guest room can be tricky, but think of the few things that make a bedroom convenient and cozy, such as a lamp next to the sleeping area, a place to plug in cell phones and laptops, and a set of extra pillows, towels, and warm blankets close at hand.

Let some things go. Let the house get messy, be okay with losing a little bit of privacy; put some of your daily routines on the back burner while guests are there. Trying to keep everything going as normal while trying to entertain guests can be very frustrating. Keep the things that keep you sane, and let everything else go temporarily. Focus on enjoying your guests and ensuring they are comfortable, and everybody wins.

2 Replies to “How You Can Still Host and Entertain Your Guests When You Don’t Have a Guest Bedroom”

  1. I think this depends on your age. If you are 50 for example, and you have a friend your age coming to stay with you, I doubt he or she will find sleeping on a futon acceptable. If you are 25 on the other hand, the visitor won’t care.

  2. Not everyone has a guest bedroom. The article was simply thinking of ideas. And it doesn’t HAVE to be a futon, you could also have a pull-out couch, which I think is a fantastic idea. Yes, if you have more room, you would never want to buy a pull-out couch, but if that’s what you’ve got, that’s what you’ve got. I don’t think you should be embarrassed to ask guests to come stay with you, just because you don’t have a huge, fully-decorated guest bedroom for them.

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