A Guide For Parents: How to Design the Perfect Playroom For Your Children on a Tight Budget

Toys can get extremely messy, and they certainly have the power to take any organized house from neat and clean a disaster in a matter of minutes. The perfect solution is a playroom. If you’re lucky enough to have the space in your home for a playroom, make the most of it with the tips below.

Clear everything out
It may sound obvious, but the first step to creating an organized playroom is to completely empty it. Yes, the thought of that alone might be enough to put the brakes on your playroom makeover plan, but remember that it’s hard to create an organized space when it’s still full of stuff. Take all of the contents of the room out of it so you can start from scratch with a clean, fresh area.

If you have a child, which is assumed you do if you are reading this, the chances that they have WAY too many toys is likely very high. If your child is young, they are not going to notice a few missing toys. And, if they do, their attention span is so low, that you can hand them a different one and they’ll forget about the one they were “looking for.” It is time to de-clutter. Instead of tossing, give them away to a friend or family member who has a small child. Especially new parents; children are expensive, and any new parent is appreciative of free children’s things.

Make three piles; keep, donate and trash, and then sort accordingly. Beyond keeping one or two sentimental toys, leave emotion out of the process. It’s easier said than done, but if you think about it, your child has played with everything. If you hold sentimental value to everything your child owns, you’d end up with a giant hoarding room.

Do some planning
Planning out the room is where your budget comes into play. While most of us would love to create a playroom fit for celebrity children, few of us have the bank account to make it happen. Consider all of the purchases you’ll need to make so you don’t find yourself short of cash, and an incomplete playroom.

Also consider your talents at this stage. Are you into carpentry? Making shelves might save you some big bucks. Or is your specialty refurbishing old furniture? You could visit some thrift stores and find a piece to refinish or reupholster yourself. Also, if your child is old enough and you’re brave, include her in the planning phase. Whether you’re willing to allow her to select the paint color or a table and chairs set, involving your child makes the new playroom more exciting for him or her, plus, it will be a great bonding experience for the two of you. Some of the purchases you might need to make include paint, shelves, toy boxes, tables and chairs, small crates or storage boxes, and carpets. 

Time to get moving
Barring any physical limitations, you should be able to complete the playroom makeover on your own if you’re keeping it basic. Here are some playroom design and accessory ideas.

You’re going to definitely need rugs, or at least one. Stores like Pottery Barn, Ikea, and Restoration Hardware have sales all the time! Hit up TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Lowe’s actually has a great sisal area rug that is perfect for a children’s playroom.

Paint is a great and fairly inexpensive way to give a room a completely new look. Try Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams; they have hundreds of colors designed specifically for children’s playrooms. You’ll also need a table and chairs. Try to get a table and chairs that you won’t mind getting ink drawn all over on (because it will happen). If the chairs are upholstered, be sure it is a fabric such as denim that can be thrown in the wash.

Storage organizers are a must, and toys need different sizes of them. Target is a fantastic place to search for these; they are usually very cheap and stylish, and are perfect for keeping an assortment of small toys grouped together. After you’ve painted the walls, hang your child’s art, or some art of your own to complete the room.

2 Replies to “A Guide For Parents: How to Design the Perfect Playroom For Your Children on a Tight Budget”

  1. Be absolutely sure that you have plenty of storage. You’d be amazed how many toys your child will eventually have, from holidays, to gifts, etc. One day you’ll look at their room and see nothing but toys. Also be sure to check out Target, they have great inexpensive storage options.

  2. Some parents might give me backlash for this..but depending on the age of your child, you can throw away some toys without them even noticing. Yes, yes, you might think “but that’s their favorite.” But honestly…isn’t EVERY toy their favorite? Trust me, they won’t notice if you toss some of them.

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